Listing Media


Base Photography Package

Our Base Package includes 25 hand-blended photos, 6 drone photos, a basic floor plan with room dimensions, and a virtual twilight!

$329 + tax

Pro Media Package

Our PRO Package includes 35 hand-blended photos, a cinematic highlight video ($595) or a Matterport tour ($495), drone photos, a basic floor plan with room dimensions, and a virtual twilight!

$595 / $495 + tax

Luxe Photography Package

Our LUXE Package includes 45 hand-blended photos, a cinematic highlight video and a Matterport tour, a basic floor plan with room dimensions plus a 3D version, drone photos/video, and 2 virtual twilights!

$895 + tax

à la carte Services

Stunning Images + A Floor Plan for Every Shoot

We offer simple flat rate pricing for our real estate images. For our 25 photo package we charge $275 plus tax, and for 45 photos we charge $375 plus tax, with floor plans included. No hidden fees or square footage charges. Empty homes are also discounted 15%! 

Drone Photography

We charge just $95 for our 6 drone photo package. Add lot lines and other overlays for $35/photo. We’re FAA Part 107 Certified so you can rest easily knowing you will not only get high quality drone photos, but also legal drone photos!

Twilight Images

We offer both standard twilight photos (taken at dusk) and virtual twilight photos (daylight photos edited to resemble dusk photos). Our virtual twilight photos are $35 / each and our standard twilight shoot is $195 for 4 photos.

Cinematic Videos

Listing videos are a great way to boost the appeal of your property and are a great social media asset! Our 1-2 minute highlight videos, which include both standard and drone footage, are just $250. We also offer vertical video for Instagram & FB reels – these videos are $125.

Matterport Tours

Apart from showings, there’s nothing quite like a Matterport tour when it comes to seeing the inside of a home. Our 3D tours for standard homes are just $165!

Virtual Staging

Help your buyers envision furniture in an empty room using our virtual staging. We offer traditional Virtual Staging for $45/photo and new AI generated staging for $25/photo. Both are a budget-friendly way to boost the online appeal of your property.

Floor Plans & Home Measuring

All of our shoots come with a basic floor plan generated from a LIDAR scan of the home. If you need square footage estimations, we can generate them from the LIDAR scan for an additional $30, or manually take the measurements with laser and/or tape and enter them into appraisal software for 6 cents per square foot ($90 minimum). We use NCRECs Residential Square Footage Guidelines for measuring and estimations. 

Floor Plan of a home with measurement details
Floor Plan of a Deltec home with measurement details
Floor Plan of a home with measurement details

3D Offerings

We now have the ability to go 3D with your floor plan for $95. Add an amazing 3D walkthrough tour of the home for only $195. We can edit the video into a more cinematic style, adding music and branding for an additional $100. 

3D Floor Plan

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