Home Preparation

A Photographer’s Guide to Preparing Your Home for a Real Estate Photo Shoot

Prepping your home for a real estate photo shoot is crucial to the outcome and quality of the photos and to the comfort and ease of the involved parties. We know that it’s hard work to get your space camera-ready and that it’s awkward to have people in your home and your stuff under the spotlight. Yikes!  So here’s a comprehensive guide to ensure your preparedness and minimize the discomfort on your special day. 


Simplify & De-clutter
Minimize the presence of personal items, knick-knacks, and extraneous items in every room.
Hide Personal Identifiers
Remove family photos and other personally identifying items to allow viewers to envision themselves in the space.
windows & Shades

Decide whether to raise all shades for light and views or feature them down and open. Align all louvers horizontal.

Pet and Baby stuff

Hide dog bowls and beds, high-chairs and extra kid stuff.

Pet and Baby stuff

Hide dog bowls and beds, high-chairs and extra kid stuff.

EFFICIENCY: Having all these preparations in advance not only enhances the visual appeal of your home but also plays a crucial role in maintaining the efficiency of the photography session. Photo shoots may involve other activities such as video walkthroughs or 3D tours, where rearranging items from room to room during the shoot can disrupt the flow and pose a burden on the photographer.

OCCUPANCY: To ensure a smooth process, it is highly recommended to vacate the home while the shoot is in progress. This allows the photographer to focus on capturing the best angles and showcasing your property seamlessly. Photo shoots can vary in duration, lasting anywhere from 45 minutes to 3 hours depending on the size of the home and the number of services requested. If you need to stay at the home, we kindly ask for your cooperation in working with the photographer to be out of sight, ensuring a distraction-free environment for the best results. Consider taking a walk with your dog or scheduling an afternoon outing to make the most of the photography session.

  1. Kitchen

    • Remove soaps, racks, and magnets from the sink.
    • Clear the fridge of magnets and any personal items.
    • Remove hanging towels or other personal items.
  2. Bathrooms

    • Hide toothbrushes and soaps from the sink.
    • Remove all items from the shower if showcasing.
    • Keep countertops clean and clutter-free.
  3. Laundry Room

    • Straighten and stage the laundry room if you wish to showcase it.
    • Remove any unnecessary items and clutter.
  4. Dining Room

    • Remove place mats, napkins, and other non-essential items.
    • Remove extra chairs from the room to create a spacious feel.
  5. Office

    • Remove stacks of paper and any cluttered items.
    • Embrace a minimalistic approach for an organized look.
  6. Baby and Pet Areas

    • Hide high-chairs, dog beds, dog bowls, and cat towers.
    • Keep these areas clean and uncluttered.
  7. Living Areas

    • Remove floor mats from entry doors and kitchen.
    • Fluff and stage pillows, straighten cushions, and align chairs.
    • Minimize knick-knacks and extraneous items.
  8. Window Shades

    • Decide whether to raise all shades for light and views or feature them down and open.
  9. Outside

    • Remove hoses and doormats.
    • Ensure all windows have the same treatment (shades up or down).
    • Move cars from the driveway or garage for a clean exterior.
  10. Plants

    • House plants and flower vases can be a nice addition to rooms.