Floor plans and HLA measuring

Complimentary Floor Plans

We use a LIDAR-capable device and an app to scan the home and generate the floor plans. The app offer discounts for us if we include a basic floor plan with every listing; it only takes about 5-10 minutes, and we are happy to provide this for our customers at no extra charge. The finished plans are auto-generated and include the measurements of each individual room or space. See the figure below.

Optional Add-ons

LIDAR HLA measurements: The software can calculate GLA from the LIDAR scan at an additional cost. Because this takes no more time on our part, we just charge a $30 fee to cover the cost for us. The results are reported to align with ANSI-Z765 standards and to be “highly reliable, but not guaranteed.” The app adds 6 inches for exterior walls on standard homes to calculate the square footage or simply uses the interior measurements for condo units. It outputs the measurements to a separate GLA graphic like the one below. 

Manual HLA Measurements: For more accurate reporting, we physically measure the exterior (and interior if necessary) with tape and laser, using NCREC’s Residential Square Footage Guidelines,  and input the figures into professional appraisal software. We charge a base fee of $90 for the order, but the actual cost is calculated after the measurement has been made at 6 cents per square foot. The output looks like the figure below. As you can see, the calculations are quite similar to the LIDAR results, but our total is a bit larger by 16ft, probably due to the actual thickness of the walls compared to only 6 inches used for the LIDAR calculation.

For orders that want these manual measurements, we purchase the LIDAR calculations as a part of the cost in order to have a cross-reference for our figures. It helps improve our accuracy, and we like the presentation of their graphic, which allows you to see the floor plan underneath and any additional decks or patios. For the final presentation, we remove the LIDAR measurements and overlay ours on top like this:

If you have any particular needs or adjustments to your floor plan, just let us know and we’d be happy to make them. The final output of our current Floor Plans and HLA Reports are shown below.